Season 3, Episode 6: Browns/Jets Monday Night Football Preview with Joe Blewett

Anthony Joki is joined by the host of the Turn on the Jets Filmroom, Joe Blewett.

Anthony asked Joe what losing Sam Darnold to mono means to the Jets offense and how Trevor Siemian will fare against the Browns defense.

Joe discussed the various playmakers that the Jets have but how effective they will be with Siemian starting.

Anthony asks Joe about the struggling offensive line and how the Browns can take advantage of their pass rush.

On the defensive side, we discuss Gregg Williams and Odell Beckham’s comments about “dirty” hits coming from Gregg’s players.

After that, Joe gets into where the Browns can take advantage the most of the Jets’ defense.

Joe and Anthony both give their predictions for Monday Night and we maybe get a J-E-T-S chant on the pod?

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