Welcome to The Dawgland!

Hello Cleveland Browns fans, welcome to The Dawgland! The hosts of the 1085 Gridiron Podcast bring you a brand new website covering the Cleveland Browns.

Anthony Joki (AJ): Hello everyone, welcome to the brand new website called The Dawg.Land. This site has been the culmination of a lot of hard work from yours truly, as well as the man that will join me in these DawgTalk articles, Jack McCurry. Welcome Jack!

Jack McCurry (JM): Thanks Anthony! I am very excited to be partners with you in this website we’ve been working hard on for the last few months and also excited to provide the fans of the Cleveland Browns with some great content. 

AJ: It has been a lot of hard work and has taken a ton of planning. When we set out to explore this, we wanted to bring you quality coverage of the Browns. We know that there is a lot of high quality coverage of the Browns out there. So it is the job of me and Jack, and a couple others, to always bring our A-game when it comes to our work.

JM: So you’re probably wondering just exactly what kind of content will be here on The Dawg.Land. 

Well every Monday, you’ll get a DawgTalk where myself and Anthony will discuss the happenings of the previous game and some of the hot questions and topics surrounding either the win, loss or tie. 

AJ: We want to try and present a “Monday Morning QB” article in a different way so we believe that this format will work well for the readers.

We will be providing statistical and film analysis as well as any news that happens with the Browns or affects the Browns. Jack and I will continue to do our podcast like we have been for three seasons now plus we have a couple other things that we will announce at a later date.


Joining our team on The Dawg.Land will be Stephen Thomas, aka @BrownsMockDraft. He will be bringing his Browns Daily Mock Draft Experiment to the website.

Stephen has been doing his mock draft experiment through some of the toughest times in Browns’ football history and we are pleased that his fourth year of the experiment will be with us.

JM: We’ll provide info and content on the Browns’ opponent as well as full pre and post game coverage including injury updates and any newsworthy items. We know that there is a lot of sources out there to get Cleveland Browns content but we hope we can give you another perspective and it’ll be something you can enjoy. 

AJ: We’re not here to compete with anybody. We’re not here to take the place of anybody. Me, Jack and Stephen are here to show our passion for the Cleveland Browns. Us here at The Dawg.Land are here to provide quality content to the best of our abilities.


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