Browns Offseason Roster Deep Dive – TEs

Welcome back to the fourth installment of the series. I am taking a deep dive into the Browns roster and how they can best fill the holes in their roster. Each day I will be releasing a different position room.

For every position room, I have outlined how the NFL structures that position on the roster. I’ve also tried to predict the variation from the norm due to a Stefanski offense. The players we have in four categories: starter, rotation (play some snaps), depth (injury backup/special teams) and other (likely cut). Then I will lay out the options currently on the roster, available in free agency as well as via the draft for all 53 spots.

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Tight End

The average NFL team has 3.4 TEs on their roster. Every NFL team wants a do it all TE who can both block and receive. For two TE sets Stefanski will want the option to bring in a move TE to focus on chip blocking and receiving or a blocking TE to pass protect or set up the run. Then a fourth option in the TE room with some upside.

Starting TE: David Njoku

Roster – It will be fascinating to see how Stefanski and this front office view David Njoku. We will likely find out during free agency this year. The Browns have a decision to make on giving Njoku the fifth-year option as well, I would expect them to tender him and leave their options open.

FA – There are three names that the Browns could approach to give them a tier-one FA TE: Eric Ebron, Hunter Henry & Austin Hooper. It is a position room that has been held back in terms of spending due to Gronkowski taking cheap deals, so don’t be surprised if we see a jump in contract value. If they are targeting a top tier TE then Njoku is then demoted to the rotation move TE role.

Rotational Move TE: ?

Roster – A tier one TE FA would see David Njoku fill this role. He could flourish as a receiving TE due to his freak athletic measurables. Baker loved his TEs in the red zone while at college, so surround him with large pass-catchers would be a smart move.

FA – If the Browns don’t sign a tier-one TE target in FA then I struggle to find an ideal name in the mix to fill the move role in Free Agency. They could tender Ricky Seals-Jones as a restricted free agent target but he has only flashed a couple of times in the last two years.

Draft – The most likely option is to see if there is a name in the draft that they can work with. Possibly move one of the large WR class inside or see what is available on day 2/3 in the draft.

Rotational Blocking TE: ?

FA – There are two names that I feel would give Stefanski options at TE that can strengthen the room and offer a different dynamic: Darren Fells & MyCole Pruitt. The draft has always been a tough place to find blocking TEs as the position usually takes time to develop from college to the pros.

Depth TE: Stephen Carlson

Roster – Carlson was one of the bright parts of the Browns offense last season. On limited pass-blocking snaps he performed really well. His run blocking still has some way to go but it is something the team can work on.

Other: Pharaoh Brown

Check back tomorrow for the Offensive Tackle deep dive.

Any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @JackDuffin. The DMs are open for any salary cap/roster construction questions you have.

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