Alex Hale’s Mock Draft 2.0

I guess one Mock wasn’t enough for you wasn’t it?  Well here we go again, this time we’re going to put a twist on this Mock.  Truth is when it comes to Mock Drafts, nobody can predict them.  So each of my Mock Drafts represent multiple scenarios that are plausible to happen, no matter how unlikely they may be.  The bottom line is nobody can predict the Draft perfectly, so why not have fun with it?  Why not present a Mock Draft that nobody else is really considering?

So Mock Draft 2.0 is going to be a more chaotic Mock than you’re used to seeing.  Will this scenario happen?  Here’s my disclaimer: This Mock Draft probably has a low chance of happening, but if you think about it, it’s a scenario that’s plausible.  So with that said, Mock Draft fans, here’s Mock Draft 2.0.

1. Miami Dolphins (from CIN) – QB Joe Burrow – LSU
TRADE: Miami trades #5, #18, #36, a 2021 1st Round and 4th Round pick to Cincinnati in exchange for the #1 Overall pick

Joe Burrow without question is the #1 pick, the question is can someone talk Cincy out of the #1 pick?  There’s only one team that can afford to do it and that’s Miami.  I’m convinced the team that’s rumored to have a, “perfect” grade on Burrow is Miami.  They will have to pay the price, sacrificing the 18th pick, their 2nd round pick and their 1st Round pick next year (since they have Houston’s 1st as well).  It’s a steep price, but for Miami longing for a Franchise QB since Dan Marino retired.  But it’s a price Miami can afford to pay.  Getting Burrow who has all the traits you want and the film speaks for itself, at a time when Tom Brady has left the Patriots, the time is NOW for the Dolphins to make the move their QB.

2. Washington Redskins – DE Chase Young – Ohio State 

There’s speculation Washington likes Isaiah Simmons, but let’s be real, if Washington passes on Chase Young, they deserve all the failure coming to them.  What more can be said about Chase Young, he’s arguably the best Pass Rusher prospect in the last decade, he’s going to be an impact starter from Day 1 and will transform Washington’s defense into a strength.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (from DET) – QB Justin Herbert – Oregon
TRADE: Cincinnati trades #5, #39 and a 2021 3rd Round pick to Detroit in exchange for #3 Overall pick

Okay logic would say that the Bengals don’t need to move up, just let the Chargers, Panthers, or even the Raiders overpay for the pick, but the Bengals can’t afford to not let 2 QBs go.  After getting a haul for the #1 pick, the Bengals use the 36th overall pick and a future 3rd to get their QB.  People forget Zac Taylor coached Herbert for a week in Mobile at the Senior Bowl, to get #18, a future 1st and a 4th Round pick to get a high upside QB, who fits in AFC North, who they’re comfortable working with from the Senior Bowl, why not make the moves?

4. New York Giants – OT Tristian Wirfs – Iowa

There’s real speculation that Isaiah Simmons will be the pick here at #4 and while I mocked that in 1.0, I find it foolish the Giants passing on protecting Daniel Jones.  Wirfs has shown on film and at the combine he’s going to be an anchor on the line for the team that selects him.  In my opinion, Wirfs has done everything to set himself above everyone else at the OT position in this class.  With his athleticism the Giants should consider him a LT that can protect Daniel Jones blindside for hopefully the next decade.

5. Detroit Lions (from CIN via MIA) – CB Jeffrey Okudah – Ohio State

Barring Washington being stupid and passing on Chase Young, one way or another Jeffery Okudah will be a Detroit Lion when Draft Day rolls around.  At this point with no Pro Days or anything for CJ Henderson to catch Okudah on, by tape the best CB in the draft is Okudah.  He’s going to be a lockdown corner in the NFL and in a division with Davante Adams and Adam Thielen, Okudah will be a welcome addition to the Lions secondary to pair with Desmond Trufant.

6. Los Angeles Chargers – QB Jordan Love – Utah State

Let’s get freaky now shall we?  The Chargers need a young Franchise QB to build around, they missed out on Justin Herbert and Tua’s medicals seem too inconsistent to select him this high.  So the Chargers swing for the fences with the high upside of Jordan Love.  Love is a natural passer who can sling the ball effortlessly.  He’s been described as a hard worker and was team captain for Utah State.  He needs work though, as his decision making and accuracy need work.  For the Chargers with Tyrod Taylor, they don’t need to rush Love in to start and if they can coach him up, might find their successor to Phillip Rivers.

7. Carolina Panthers – OT Andrew Thomas – Georgia

The Panthers might be the team with the most unpredictable pick in the Top 10.  They lost Luke Kuechly so Isaiah Simmons could be the pick, they could use help on D-Line, so Derrick Brown is in play.  Heck you can make a case with Curtis Samuel becoming a FA next year that WR is in play.  When it’s all said and done, the Panthers need to protect their investment in Teddy Bridgewater, if they’re gonna succeed.  Andrew Thomas is the safest pick out of all the tackles and no one could blame them for playing it safe and solidifying left side for Teddy Bridgewater or whoever Carolina’s future QB is.

8. Arizona Cardinals – OT Jedrick Wills – Alabama 

The Cardinals look to be a team on the rise now with DeAndre Hopkins to pair with Kyler Murray, Larry Fitzgerald, and Christian Kirk.  While it very well could be plausible the Cardinals go with Derrick Brown or Isaiah Simmons, they could look to fortify their O-Line with Wills protecting the right side.  Wills is polished and played more on the right side at Alabama, so the transition into the NFL should be smoother for him.  He also can move to the left side with his power at the point of attack and agility.  But with DJ Humphries extended, he slides into the RT position and will make an immediate impact.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – LB Isaiah Simmons – Clemson

The Jaguars need a lot of help and it varies from the entire Defensive side to even the QB position.  At this point with all their needs and a second 1st Round pick at #20, the Jags should look to take the best player available.  Isaiah Simmons in this defense would give the Jags a duo of Myles Jack and Simmons giving them two versatile defenders who can do it all defensively.  While they could seriously consider CJ Henderson here, the smart move would be to add Simmons and thank everyone who passed on him.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (from CLE) – WR Ceedee Lamb – Oklahoma
TRADE: Philadelphia trades #21, 2020 2nd Round pick and a 2021 2nd Round pick to Cleveland in exchange for the #10 overall pick

Philadelphia desperately needs a Top WR for Carson Wentz, they need to find a way up to get one of the WRs available early.  Andrew Berry worked for the Eagles and now is GM with the Browns and it makes sense that a deal can be reached with them.  The question is which WR should the Eagles take.  Honestly it can be any of the 3, but I think they’ll go with the size/speed combo of Lamb.  What stands out about Lamb is his footwork on his routes that creates separation, that along with his Football IQ makes him a threat whether you play him inside or outside.  Lamb should develop into the Top WR Carson Wentz needs around him.

11. New York Jets – WR Henry Ruggs – Alabama

If Sam Darnold is to have any chance for success in the NFL, the Jets need to get him weapons he can throw to.  They Jets lost Robby Anderson to Carolina and now lack any true #1 WR.  That must change if they’re serious about Darnold as the future.  With Lamb gone, the choice is between both Alabama WRs.  Jeudy is the safe choice, but with Ruggs pure talent and explosive speed plus his upside being much higher, the Jets go for the big play WR in Ruggs.  Ruggs will give Darnold a true playmaker that will give defenses headaches and make his life easier.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – CB CJ Henderson – Florida

here has been a ton of buzz surrounding CJ Henderson and his stock soaring up the boards.  For the Raiders, they need a CB and a WR in the 1st Round.  They can wait on a WR and find value a bit later, they’d be wise to make sure they address the CB position.  Henderson may not be the lockdown corner that Okudah is, but he has the potential to become that.  Add to the fact he’s a willing tackler, which is a common trait most CBs don’t emphasize as much, Henderson’s stock rising makes more sense the more you think about his skillset.  Wouldn’t shock me if he goes Top 10.

13. San Francisco 49ers – WR Jerry Jeudy – Alabama

Kyle Shanahan gets the guy he wants to build his offense around.  In Mock 1.0, Henry Ruggs was the selection, but as noted, Shanahan has wanted OBJ and he can get pretty much a clone of OBJ in Jeudy.  Smooth route runner and great hands, great athleticism, without question Jeudy is the most polished and safest of all the Top Tier WRs, but he probably has the lowest ceiling.  For the 49ers, that really doesn’t matter as Jeudy is a perfect fit in Shanahan’s system as the #1 WR opposite Deebo Samuel and with Kittle at TE, the 49ers will have an explosive offense.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Derrick Brown – Auburn

Logic would suggest the Bucs would take Mekhi Becton here and build up their line, but at this point, Derrick Brown is a Top 10 talent you’re stealing at 14.  Derrick Brown is the type of talent you can build a D-Line around much like they had with Gerald McCoy.  He’s a leader in the locker room and dominates on the field.  After losing McCoy last year, replacing him with Brown to beef up their Defense to get the ball into Tom Brady’s hands more wouldn’t be the worst idea.

15. Denver Broncos – OT Mekhi Becton – Louisville

With the Top 3 WRs off the board, this allows the Broncos to explore other needs, especially at LT that can protect Drew Lock.  At this point Becton shouldn’t be on the board, but with certain moves, this isn’t out of the possibility of the OTs falls.  The failure of Garrett Bolles forces the pick, which is a benefit here.  Becton will add a nasty blocker to the line that will help the running game, but will need to work on his pass protection ability.  But the talent is there for the Broncos to pair Drew Lock with a LT to protect his blindside.

16. Atlanta Falcons – DT Javon Kinlaw – South Carolina

The Falcons like usual have a horrific defense and need players up front.  The question becomes do they pass on the Uber-talented Kinlaw for Chaisson?  I’d say the possibility of pairing Kinlaw with Grady Jarrett is too good to pass up.  Kinlaw is an athletic freak, but clearly needs work.  Pairing him with Jarrett would allow him to learn from one of the best DTs in football and taking the immediate pressure off him to produce big numbers.  Can definitely see Falcons moving up to get CJ Henderson or Derrick Brown if they slip though.

17. Dallas Cowboys – EDGE K’Lavon Chaisson – LSU

Dallas should seriously consider Cesar Ruiz at this spot to fill the void at Center, but Chaisson is a steal here and the Cowboys should sprint to the podium to get him.  With the lack of secondary options this pick doesn’t change because sometimes the best passing defense is a good pass rush.  Chaisson and DeMarcus Lawrence will create a great duo for the Cowboys to have QBs in the NFC East to worry about.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (from MIA) – OT Josh Jones – Houston

After trading down and acquiring more picks, while getting Justin Herbert to be their QB, they should look to add a LT to hold down the line and protect Herbert in the AFC North.  Jones is a monster of a man who will provide the Bengals a high upside LT prospect they can build up.  He can stay on the left side and has the power to handle pass rushers.  It won’t be an overnight rebuild, but with Herbert and Jones, the Bengals can be well on their way back up in the AFC North.

19. Los Vegas Raiders – WR Justin Jefferson – LSU

The Raiders need to get another WR to play opposite Tyrell Williams and can take pressure off now emerging star TE Darren Waller.  Rumors have been swirling the Raiders could look to get one of the Top WRs and might move up from here to get one.  If they fail, the Raiders won’t mind taking Jefferson.  He has everything you look for in a WR and I don’t think he’s scratched the ceiling of how good he can be if he’s coached up.  Pair him with Williams, Waller and Josh Jacobs, no more excuses for Derek Carr.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars – CB Jeff Gladney – TCU

The Jaguars will be looking for a CB with one of their first 2 picks.  They could consider CJ Henderson at 9, but there is plenty of depth in later 1st Round.  While I had Trevon Diggs here in Mock 1.0, I think Gladney’s ability in press and being a Ballhawk CB might make him more of a fit of what the Jaguars would want in comparison to Diggs.  No matter what any CB here will have downsides and it’s all about fit and I think Gladney might fit better.

21. Cleveland Browns (from PHI) – OT Austin Jackson – USC

The Browns after trading down will still take an OT, by numerous reports the odds on favorite is Ezra Cleveland.  But I think it could be a smokescreen to who they would prefer in the 2nd Tier of OTs.  Jackson matches and beat Ezra Cleveland in multiple categories from the combine, showcasing his athletic ability.  Coming from USC as their starter at LT the last 2 seasons, he has experience in a top conference and did well there.  He has quick feet, but needs to work on his upper body and hand placement.  If there’s anyone that can help him see his talent it’s Bill Callahan.  Jackson would give the Browns a potential anchor on the left side with upside to be a Top LT for the next decade.

22. Minnesota Vikings (from BUF)- CB Jaylon Johnson – Utah

For the Vikings, they’re going to take a CB with one of their first round picks.  The question is when and for who.  If they feel comfortable with the board, they’ll attack WR first, but with Justin Jefferson gone, they could prioritize CB.  Johnson is a competitive corner, one that Mike Zimmer will like, he’s aggressive in his play style, but needs coaching in his anticipation.  Could add some bulk as he’s a willing tackler and his build might not hold up.  Talent is there for him to be a solid starter in the NFL.

23. New England Patriots – QB Tua Tagovailoa – Alabama

Can you imagine the hatred the Patriots would get?  You lose Tom Brady and luck into the former consensus #1 overall pick from the Preseason?  And yet, can you think of a more perfect fit?  Tua the natural leader whose passing accuracy sets him above everyone else and fits Josh McDaniels system.  Plus wouldn’t it be so Patriots if they take Tua and he’s perfectly healthy and fulfills his potential giving them Tom Brady’s successor?  In ways I want it to happen just to see the reaction from everyone.  I hope this happens.

24. New Orleans Saints – QB Jacob Eason – Washington

After the Pats steal Tua, the Saints can either look for a QB, or build up their defense.  The bottom line is Drew Brees has at most 2 years left in the tank.  The Saints will probably be looking for his successor with this pick and take arguably the highest upside QB in the draft.  Eason without question has the strongest arm in the class, but he needs the most work.  He puts too much faith that he can force the ball in any window, and sometimes puts too much on the ball.  He needs to work on his touch and poise as well.  But he lands in a perfect place to develop learning from Drew Brees.  The arm talent is there and he lands in a spot where he can learn to harness his talent.

25. Minnesota Vikings – WR Jalen Reagor – TCU

The Vikings after getting a CB, will look to get a new WR to replace Stefon Diggs.  At this point the consensus Top 4 WRs are off the board and with the depth of the position, the pick can be made off upside and fit.  Reagor could’ve made a case for himself to be in that Top 4, but a down 2019 at TCU hurt his stock a little.  The question for where he goes rides on if teams believe his virtual Pro Day film 40 time of 4.22.  Reagor is a speedster first and foremost, he can burn defenders.  He needs to work on his drops but has according to his coaches he is one of the hardest workers on the team, so there probably isn’t any question he’ll work on that playing opposite Adam Thielen.

26. Miami Dolphins – OT Ezra Cleveland – Boise State

After trading all the way up to #1 and taking Joe Burrow, the Dolphins next move should be to look to protect their Franchise QB.  At this point they can go with more polished and projectable OTs in Lucas Niang and Isaiah Wilson, or go the high upside with Ezra Cleveland.  In a rebuild like the Dolphins, they could look at the more athletic Ezra Cleveland instead.  While the aggressiveness at the point of attack will hurt in the running game, he makes up with it with his athleticism that can keep up with speed rushers.  It’s going to take coaching to work on his point of attack problems, but the upside is there for him to be the steal of the draft in the OT class.

27. Seattle Seahawks – EDGE Yetur Gross Matos – Penn State

Ideally the Seahawks would probably like to move up if they can land K’Lavon Chaisson or get one of the 2nd Tier OTs.  At this point the question is do the Seahawks trade down or take a player.  I can see a trade, but the Seahawks need to get a pass rusher to replace Jadevion Clowney, if he’s not returning.  Gross-Matos will be a perfect fit who can slide in and replace Clowney’s impact from the beginning of Camp.  He showed consistency as a pass rusher at PSU (17.5 sacks over last 2 years) and was an impact player in the backfield (37 TFL last 2 years).  He’s a solid starting EDGE player who can impact a game on the defensive side.

28. Baltimore Ravens – LB Kenneth Murray – Oklahoma

The Ravens might be one of the luckiest teams in terms of drafting in recent years and once again luck into both Patrick Queen and Kenneth Murray.  The question is which LB do they take?  Murray has been the leader of the Oklahoma defense the past two years and has been an impact player.  He can do it all, but is an outstanding attacking LB.  While he can be reckless, his style just fits the Ravens defense perfectly, he’s aggressive, athletic, a leader he fits their mold to lead this Defense.

29. Tennessee Titans – OT Isaiah Wilson – Georgia

The Titans could be sitting in a nice spot here in the late 1st Round.  They could take a CB to build on their secondary or even steal Patrick Queen here after their defense lost numerous players in Free Agency.  But one has to think the possibility of getting a plug-n-play RT who came from a dominant rushing attack in the SEC is a perfect fit.  Isaiah Wilson comes from Georgia and played RT, he’s just a solid player who will hold down the right side.  With him on the right side, Derrick Henry will be a happy man with an O-Line ready to make an impact again.

30. Green Bay Packers – WR Denzel Mims – Baylor

This pick doesn’t change from Mock 1.0, I fully expect the Packers to find another weapon for Aaron Rodgers to throw to.  Denzel Mims has a ton of upside to go with his size/speed combination that will make him a threat immediately that will take the pressure off of Davante Adams.  This shouldn’t be much of a debate for the Packers at this pick, take Mims, watch him and Adams dominate with Rodgers.

31. San Francisco 49ers – CB Trevon Diggs – Alabama

The 49ers can’t rely on Richard Sherman forever and while he’s still effective, they have to prepare for life after him.  Diggs, like Sherman is another tall CB who has great ball skills.  The problem is he was limited in what he did at Alabama due to having more talent at the position ahead of him.  He’s athletically gifted and with his brother being Stefon Diggs, one can bet he’ll be motivated to live up to his brother and possibility step outside his shadow.  He’ll need coaching, but he’ll get it in San Francisco landing in a perfect stop for him to develop.

32. Dallas Cowboys (from KC) – C Cesar Ruiz – Michigan
TRADE: Dallas acquires #32 overall pick from Kansas City in exchange for #51 overall, 2020 4th Round pick and 2021 3rd Round pick

You can call this trade crazy, but the Cowboys desperately need to find a way to land Ruiz to fill the void of losing Travis Frederick to retirement.  By the trade value calculator, this is probably the minimum it would take for an equal value trade.  Dallas moves up and keeps their 3rd Round pick this year and gets their Center, while Kansas City saves money and adds draft capital.  Ruiz was a dependable starter at Michigan and a leader on the line.  He needs to be more consistent in his pad level, but he has great agility and power.  With a great line around him, his weaknesses can be hidden early on as he develops and can easily replace Frederick at Center.

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