Revealed: The Browns 2021 Analytics Draft Board

We only have a small sample size on what an Andrew Berry Front Office likes to do in the draft due to it only being one year of data but there were some signs that look quite strong for us to work off of until we get more information this week.

What Is RAS?

The Relative Athletic Score was created by Kent Lee Platte (@MathBomb), it gives us an athletic profile of the player compared to all other players that play the position dating back to 1987. This allows us to see where they stack because comparing a 40 time of a wide receiver and defensive tackle isn’t useful. You can view any players data on his website here.

The 2020 Data

Here are the seven players the Browns drafted during the 2020 NFL Draft. Everyone they picked was incredibly young, the oldest player on week one of the 2020 season was Jordan Elliott at 22.7, this is why I feel they have a rule saying anyone ages 23.0 on week one of the season is likely off their board. This is slightly higher than the numbers here as I wanted to add a little wiggle room.

The next key point that caught my eye was a very high RAS across the draft class, everyone is over 6.66 other than Harrison Bryant. We don’t have a score for Delpit as he didn’t test at a combine/pro day, this will mean some players won’t appear on a board I build as they have no testing numbers to work off of.

Everyone was also over the height of 6 foot but I don’t feel like this is a data set they will keep to but could be one to keep an eye on as height might be something they value in the team.

The 2021 Draft Board

To build a 2021 draft board, I have taken everyone with a Relative Athletic Score over 6.66 and who will be under 23.0 on week one of the NFL season. This will give us a good idea of what players will be of interest to the team based on their 2020 draft. There is no perfect formula until we get a much bigger sample size, players who didn’t test won’t be included due to a lack of a Relative Athletic Score.

To sort the players into where they will likely be picked I have taken the mock draft simulators for Draft Network, Mock Draft Database, Pro Football Network & PFF’s Public ADP (not their big board) then averaged them out to slot them in an area of the draft. It is likely the Browns have wildly different grading than these sites but it will give us a flavour.

If you think there is someone missing, check their Relative Athletic Score and age, then feel free to get in touch if that doesn’t clear it up.

Any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @JackDuffin. The DMs are open for any salary cap/roster construction questions you have.

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