What Could The Browns Get By Trading Pick 13?

As we approach the draft it is always worth looking at the last few drafts to see what the Browns could do with pick 13, both trading up and down the draft order. I will look at trades for picks 11-15 because across the last 5 years as it gives us a good range and ideas than just 13.

History Of Trading Down

11 > 20, 164, F1, F4 (2021)
12, 187 > 21, 158, Cordy Glenn (2018)
13, 245 > 14, 117 (2020)
14, 143 > 23, 66, 86 (2021)
14 > 27, 147, F1 (2018)

*F signifies future year pick

Why Trade Down?

Trading down and adding future assets is a great way to get more picks, build a younger cheaper roster and allow you to spend that saving on extra extensions and free agency spending. It is something we have seen Paul DePodesta and other smart minds in the NFL embrace.

The Browns have uncertainty at the quarterback position with Baker Mayfield in the final year of his deal so having some assets next year gives them the flexibility to embrace whatever the outcome of the situation is:

Baker plays well – if you are extending or tagging Baker next year you want more rookie picks because that deal is going to be expensive so an extra rookie helps balance it out.

Baker doesn’t play well – An extra future 2nd, possibly a 1st could be super useful if they need to trade up and get a quarterback in the 2023 draft. You might not need to go all the way to 1 or 2, we have seen several great quarterbacks going in the 7-12 range so as long as we can get there we stand a chance. One of the top two picks could be with a team that has a quarterback like Jacksonville meaning they look to trade out for a massive haul so having an extra pick could change the future of the franchise at quarterback.

History Of Trading Up

7, 255 < 12, 53, 56 (2018)
10 < 12, 84 (2021)
10 < 15, 79, 152 (2018)
13, 245 < 14, 117 (2020)


If you are trading down and chasing a future 2nd then you are likely looking at something in the 18 to 23 range, excluding the Eagles as they already have two picks higher.

So the possible list is:
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots
Las Vegas Raiders
Arizona Cardinals

If the rumors are true about the Lions liking Malik Willis at QB, it could certainly be the case that they draft another player at 2 and then look to trade up from 32 to grab him. That could be an opportunity to add a future 1st that could easily end up as a top 5 pick in 2023.

If we know anything about DePodesta we have seen them target trading with teams that are set for regression because you want to be as high as possible. For that reason, I would likely take the Patriots out of the group for possible trade backs.

Any questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @JackDuffin. The DMs are open for any salary cap/roster construction questions you have.

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